Welcome to Prospero’s

In a world that is increasingly defined by mass-produced footwear and disposable purses, many are deciding to refurbish and repair the items they’ve loved for years. Prospero’s Shoe Repair serves this community from an established location, and they offer a new approach to shoe repair in Wellesley, MA.

Whether you have a closet full of shoes or just one pair to spare, our leatherworking experience can make a difference when it comes to the look and feel of your boots and high-heels. Over time, your favorite pair of wingtips may begin to look a little worse for wear. If you have a job interview coming up, or a prestigious gala to attend, you cannot expect to show up in shabby shoes.

Put your best foot forward whenever you have your shoes and handbags repaired and shined by a team of cobblers in your community. We want to serve your needs and prove our worth through competitive pricing, attentive service, and rapid turnaround times. Whether your shoes have half-soles or full soles, we are prepared to provide a solution that ensures it is repaired properly.