About Us

Meet the experienced team of cobblers now offering a full suite of shoe and handbag repair services from an established location in the community. Learn about Prospero’s Shoe Repair in Wellesley, MA, and our team which has lasting roots in this community. Operating from a site that was an established source for footwear repairs since 1954, this new team has more than ten years of experience repairing shoes, boots, and even your favorite piece of luggage.

Personalized service makes a difference when it comes to refurbishing your favorite pair of cowboy boots and boat shoes. Our cobblers understand the pace of life along Washington Street, and they take the time to get to know the customers they serve. Attentive customer service is something people appreciate. Many of our clients have lives to live and kids to pick up from school. They have come to rely on our same-day shining and personal delivery options.


Quality Materials in the Hands of Artisans

Once your leather has hit the road a few too many times, that pair of boots is sure to need a heel replaced. A pair of august wingtips may need a quick shine before you step through the doors of that boardroom. People notice the condition of your shoes, and a flawless performance in a job interview may be all for naught if your footwear is looking feeble.

Our team is ready to meet your needs, with a full suite of services and an impressive turnaround time for every client. Ask about our personal delivery services, and see if we can drop that pair of power pumps by the office before your big engagement downtown.


A Talent for Leatherworking

Give your favorite handbag a new lease on life with our approach to leather repair. Whenever a zipper breaks or that bag hits a snag, our leatherworking specialists can make them look new again. We’re certain you’ll be pleased with the repairs we make. After all, our commitment to customer satisfaction is what drives the growth of our business. We are intent on becoming the cobbler of choice for discerning footwear enthusiasts and our working-class neighbors alike.

We can clean up your favorite leather shoes and have your handbags looking as good as new without any needless delays or hidden charges. We want to prove to you that we deserve your business, and that starts with clear pricing and a rapid response to your needs.


Contact us today to start learning about Prospero’s Shoe Repair and our new ownership. We proudly serve customers in Wellesley, Newton, and Needham, Massachusetts, and surrounding communities.