Handbag Repair

Ensure your handbag is functional and fashionable again with our creative approach to purse repair in Wellesley, MA. If you are a mom on the go or a proven professional with a messenger bag, the constant wear and tear can leave you looking for a replacement. Instead of spending more money than you should on a replacement, come in and start a conversation with a leatherworking professional at Prospero’s Shoe Repair.

A ripped handle or a broken zipper can leave your favorite handbag in need of some professional attention and care. Our crew is capable of targeted repairs and leather conditioning that is essential to the maintenance of any leather product.

Every accessory in your closet is capable of so much more when you establish a connection with the right team of cobblers. That worn-out bag will be looking as good as new with the proper care and attention from our group of specialists. Say goodbye to the cracking and discoloration you have been living with for too long.


Zipper Repair and Leather Care

We repair and care for a wide range of leather products, from the soles of your shoes to the exterior of that stylish handbag you got for your birthday. When you hit a snag at the airport, and all of your valuables are scattered about on the floor, the natural tendency is to throw the handbag away and cut your losses.

Now you have an alternative that saves you time and money. Your closet full of handbags can now become an asset with our proven approach to leather repair. Bring your favorite pair of shoes in for a new heel [Link to Heels and Soles] and your favorite handbags as well and expand your wardrobe in ways you never imagined possible.


Contact us today for reliable reconditioning and purse repair. We proudly serve customers in Wellesley, Newton, and Needham, Massachusetts, and surrounding communities.