Heels and Soles

Breathe new life into that expensive set of stilettos with our artisanal approach to heel repair in Wellesley, MA. Instead of giving up on a pair of flat heels that go great with just about everything, bring them in for refurbishment and save a great deal of time and money in the process.

Walk into Prospero’s Shoe Repair and start a conversation with one of our cobblers about your favorite pair of shoes. Whether you are working with a limited budget and don’t have the money to replace that damaged pair of heels, or you are interested in restoring a set passed down from a favorite family member, our cobblers have something to offer you.

Our team shares a passion for repairing all forms of footwear, including professional pumps and practical flat heels. Replacing the heels on a pair of shoes makes a great deal of sense for a variety of reasons. You can realize cost savings compared to the price of a new pair, and you can broaden the size of your collection without wasting more time in department stores.


Practical Shoe Heel Replacement

You spend the entire spring looking for the right pair of pumps to match that summer ensemble. In a matter of moments, all of that time went out of the window as you tripped on that curb and broke the heel. With that important function just over the horizon, you cannot imagine finding a proper replacement in time.

Our cobblers are ready to save your shoes from becoming an afterthought with our careful approach to heel care and rubber sole replacement. For those who have worn through the bottoms of their shoes, we have an answer as well. Our cobblers have a broad inventory of quality materials, including a leather sole that fits your foot perfectly.


Ready to Resole Shoes

Experience matters when it comes to matching the right dowel with the right type of adhesive. Our specialists take the time to get things right, and the finished product is sure to look as great as the day you walked out of the shoe store. Once your shoes are back in one piece, the time is right for a thorough shoe shine. We carry a broad array of polishes in just about every color imaginable. Slip back into your favorite shoes with confidence when you have the heels replaced by experienced cobblers.


Contact us today to save those shoes you love through heel repair. We proudly serve customers in Wellesley, Newton, and Needham, Massachusetts, and surrounding communities.